Our new song FLOWERS IN JAPAN is out Friday January 12! It´s the first song from our upcoming album CHARLIE IS ALIVE (05/2024) and we shot a nice little video with our friend Maks from Castalian Spring Studio in Berlin.

It´s a bittersweet song about the glory of life and all the beauty in this world in a time of darkness. It sings about loss and coping with it and in contrast: the spring flower bloom in Japan. It doesn´t matter how desperate you may be – every spring the flowers bloom in all it´s glory and breathtaking beauty. “Time and time again. All the beautiful flowers in Japan.” And maybe… realizing that we are part of something much bigger that produces such immense beauty every year until eternity… maybe that can give us some soothing and calming perspective on life and an endless circle.

listen, watch and download here: https://bfan.link/flowers-in-japan