Keep your feet still? Stay cool? That´s nearly impossible with Berlin based band KENSINGTON ROAD. Everybody´s instantly hooked on their modern and international sound that´s combining Indie Rock with Alternative Pop. The five guys from Berlin just released their new album SEX DEVILS OCEAN (08-13-2021) and it debuted on #13 in the German Album Charts. With their tales of friendship, confidence and having each other’s backs but also of stumbling, falling and getting back up on your feet – SEX DEVILS OCEAN speaks right to the heart. Especially in times like these KENSINGTON ROAD is giving the finger to all personal and public insecurities but always keeps a positive attitude. Far from all standard rock cliches with pure energy and a passionate live performance – real, authentic no BS! Authentic songs that are down to earth without any cheap thrills – after thousands of miles touring Europe, the hard-working band knows exactly what their music is about.

Kensington Road // Ghost Mountain:

„It’s the mysterious nature of some rock stars that keeps the light of their popularity burning brightly even after they’ve gone, or given up making music. However, it is, usually, another quality that allows groups to gain massive followings and travel the world. These groups are able to provide people with what they want at that particular time. That’s what the three-minute rock single has gifted us with. Some, who were truly great at presenting themselves to the world, your Jim Morrisons or Kurt Cobains, knew both the value of a good mystery story, as well as the importance of an earworm of a single that could penetrate the charts. German group Kensington Road have similar values in mind as they craft Ghost Mountain, an eerie long story of a rock tune, complete with echoing guitars and witch-doctor chanting. It could get them a place on the charts, or a horde of fanatical listeners. We hope that it does both these things.“ (



19.04.23 KASSEL – Goldgrube
20.04.23 BREMEN – Lila Eule
21.04.23 BOCHUM – Trompete
22.04.23 KÖLN – Artheater
28.04.23 BERLIN – Maschinenhaus
17.05.23 ASCHAFFENBURG – Colos-Saal
19.05.23 KARLSRUHE – Jubez
20.05.23 MÜNCHEN – Backstage
26.05.23 BEBRA – Lokschuppen
27.05.23 LINGEN – Alter Schlachthof

more to come…

„Sex Devils Ocean“ Campaign Team:
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Stefan Tomek – Vocals & Guitar
René Lindstedt – Guitar
Michael Pfrenger – Keyboards
Dominik Henn – Bass
Jan Türk – Drums


Kensington Road // Pablito Pablito:

PABLITO PABLITO is the first single from SEX DEVILS OCEAN and was released on August 21st. The main character’s story is representative for all of today’s fears and worries. “Pablito Pablito, you’ve got it pretty hard” – right from the start Kensington Road are addressing the general insecurities that lie within all of us. For Kensington Road things like the fast pace our society is in, the fake closeness of social media-madness or economic differences all stand in the way of a peaceful everyday life and need to be chased away by driving rock beats and wall of sound guitars. “Everybody’s got their own way […of breaking down]” – finding your own way is the big task in life accompanied by Ups and Downs.

Bandleader Stefan Tomek says about PABLITO PABLITO: “When I wrote the song I was helping a friend through a dark phase in his life. I tried to be there for him and give him something to hold onto. I tried to show him that it is important to put one foot in front of the other and not worry about the distance too much. Everyone needs to do things at his own pace to overcome all the obstacles and tear down the walls that seem to rise up high in front of you.”

PABLITO PABLITO is the anthem to brighten up your mood, the cure against the headaches in the morning, the right song to fight off the everyday hangover blues or as the Germans have the perfect word for it: Weltschmerz.

Kensington Road // Steve Shoeman:

STEVE SHOEMAN is the second Album-Single and was written on a sunset hike in the South African Drakensbergs. Steve Shoeman was a native of the town Haenertsburg who passed away quite young and gave “most generously to the people on the mountainside“. The whole story inspired a song about love, life and companionship throughout the years – a bittersweet lovesong with an appeasing ending.

Kensington Road // Sex Devils Ocean:

SEX DEVILS OCEAN is the third single and title track from the upcoming album SEX DEVILS OCEAN by Kensington Road. It’s not a song about dark places but about the longing and search for freedom. „This is a Farewell Song, a song for all the people that don’t belong“ It’s a song for everyone that feels like they don’t fit in and want to break free and cut loose all the ties that seem to bind them to their everyday life. It’s a goodbye to the here and now and the departure into a completely new and exciting future. SEX DEVILS OCEAN is a symbol for passion, rebellion, wildness and unlimited freedom because nobody wants to realize that it’s too late to bring back lost days or years. „This is a nowhere song – a song for every moment that’s lost and gone“ Every missed moment is a tragedy: I need to let go and start off into freedom and my inner wildness.